The death threat pushes the journalist, Nizar Al-Faris, to the difficult decision .. Is Rania Youssef and the “The Back” episode the reason ?!


Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Iraqi journalist Nizar Al-Faris said that he had withdrawn permanently from the “With Al-Faris” program, due to his direct threat of death through messages he had received on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Is Rania Youssef the reason?

He denied that the episode in which he hosted the Egyptian actress Rania Youssef was the reason for the threats he received, stressing that it was a beautiful episode and passed unnoticed, pointing out that he is still continuing the case that he filed against her and the Egyptian judiciary will have a separation with the confusion that occurred after the episode.

He touched on politics

Al-Fares added that the threat to him is the result of touching on political matters in the context of four episodes in which he hosted the artist Qasim Al-Sultan, the artist Ghozlan, the show dancer Elissar and Captain Imad Muhammad. According to “Fuchsia”

He pointed out that his discussion of political matters in these episodes led some to accuse him of belonging to a certain political party, even though he is an independent man presenting a technical program.

The law will run its course

The Iraqi journalist explained: “I cannot predict whether these threats are real or not, but I will resort to the security authorities to verify the matter by delivering them messages, and God willing, the law will take its course.”

He said that he had stopped all his media activities now, as he is a lonely man with his mother, commenting: “If something happens to me, no one will say to my mother, may God help you, or even pass to her home to console her.”

He also indicated that he is not ready to lose his life as a sacrifice for the success he is achieving, or even in order to hear the words of flattery, so he decided to withdraw as the best way to resort to it.


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