The death of the Syrian artist Kamal Ballan in Moscow


The death of the Syrian artist Kamal Ballan in Moscow

Today, the Syrian musician Kamal Ballan died in Moscow at the age of 67, of complications from his infection with the Coronavirus.

The late Syrian and Russian collaborated many works, the last of which was the piece “The Sky of Syria”, which was with the participation of the Russian military theater.

A year ago, the late Blanc won the second prize in the international competition for composing and playing, which was held at the Jelena Gnesina Institute in Moscow.

Blanc won the award in the category of composition and musical performance, and he also won a special prize in the skill of playing and the technique of playing the lute.

Blanc represented Syria in the international music competition, which took place at the Guinnessina Institute in the Russian capital, in which about 150 musicians from all over the world competed.

Blanc presented 3 musical works written and played by him, with Russian singer Anton Bukanov and opera singer Olga Aysina.

Kemal Ballan was considered the first person to introduce the oud into the Tchaikovsky concert theater and was a frequent guest in works dealing with Arabic music in Moscow and the rest of Russia.

Source: RT


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