The Cuban Communist Party names its first president who is not a member of the Castro family



Photo released, AFP

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Diaz-Canel has been described as loyal to the Castor family and to the economic model it embraces

The ruling Communist Party in Cuba installed Miguel Diaz-Canel, first secretary of the party’s Central Committee, to succeed its leader, Raul Castro.

Diaz-Canel succeeded Castro as the country’s president in 2018, and is now succeeding him as leader of the ruling party, who is believed to be more powerful and influential than the president.

This transfer of power means that Cuba emerged from the rule of Fidel Castro and his brother Raul, for the first time, since the victory of the Cuban Revolution in 1959.

Diaz-Canel is described as being loyal to the Castro family and the economic model it espouses.


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