The crown prince’s pledges are a tough action program to protect public money – Saudi News


The pledges of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to eradicate corruption and the corrupt have become a strict program of action to protect integrity and public funds from any excesses or embezzlement, whether small or large.

The war on corruption is receiving great attention and close follow-up from the leadership of the Kingdom and the Crown Prince in particular, and he was the one who previously stated his famous phrase, “No one who has entered into a corruption case will survive, no matter who he is.”

The Kingdom’s war on corruption and the corrupt has become continuous and does not yawn, and anyone involved in a case of financial embezzlement, abuse of public office, complacency, or coverage of some previously or currently suspicious practices, will not be immune to criminal and legal prosecution.

The great cooperation shown by government agencies with the Control and Anti-Corruption Authority confirms the government’s keenness to deter transgressors, confirming the integrity of the public office and fortifying it against anyone who tries to exploit it for his personal interests.

The arrest of a number of those involved in corruption cases who have previously worked in the state and left their job positions by virtue of retirement or under any other circumstance, confirms that corruption does not lapse by prescription, and that whoever was involved in cases of embezzlement or abuse of his power will not be immune from punishment and accountability. .

The multiplicity of cases announced by the Control and Anti-Corruption Commission reflects the effectiveness of the monitoring, investigation and prosecution efforts of this important government apparatus, which, thanks to God, and then with the efficiency of its workers, has turned into an impenetrable dam against corruption and the corrupt.


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