The ‘controversial’ Super League has been blown apart


Let football rest in peace

Almost a thousand fans of several English clubs put their opponents in the Premier League aside and took part in a protest rally outside the “Stamford Bridge” stadium during the negatively-voted Chelsea-Brighton match against “defections” from European football.

Banners reading “Let football rest in peace 1863-2021”, “Founded by the poor, stolen by the rich,” and “Roman Do what is right” were displayed in a letter to Chelsea’s owner, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had earlier met with the England Football Association League clubs and fan groups, and pledged to do everything in his power to kill the Super League plan.

Later, Johnson tweeted, before City’s decision was confirmed, that “the decision of Chelsea and Manchester City, if confirmed, is the exact right decision and I commend them for that.”

Participation in the Super League for these clubs guarantees a seat every year and thus not to worry about the possibility of not occupying a qualified position and the huge material losses that accompany that.

But Manchester City coach Pep Gradiola did not hesitate to criticize the move.

He said that the closed system of the new tournament “does not relate to sports when there is no relationship between efforts and reward. It is not a sport when you are a guarantor of success, it is not a sport when it is not important if you lose.”

It is reported that the teams participating in the Super League will receive 3.5 billion euros (4.19 billion dollars) to support their investment plans and face the challenges of the Corona virus. Once confirmed, this figure will provide revenues higher than all European Union competitions (Champions League, Europa League and European Super League) of 3.2 billion euros from TV broadcast revenues for the 2018-2019 season, before the Corona pandemic.

It is expected to receive another 10 billion euros in “solidarity payments” over the period of the initial commitment.

According to the proposals announced late Sunday, there are five other clubs that will qualify for the 20-team competition and play their matches in the week’s sea, to join the permanent 15 members.

The separatist announcement came just hours before the European Union announced a change in the structure of the European Champions League and raised the number of participants to 36 clubs to appease European clubs.

Earlier Tuesday, a Madrid court ruled to prevent the European and International Federations from taking any steps to block the Super League’s plans.

The new head of the league, Real Madrid leader Florentino Perez, said that it was “impossible” to expel the clubs from the Champions League, despite warnings from WEFA, who threatened to prevent dissident clubs and their players from participating in local and regional tournaments and even from participating with their national teams.


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