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The European Super League collapsed like a “palace of cards” and its fate is in the wind just 48 hours after its launch, after the six English clubs decided to withdraw from its plans, yielding to pressure from football officials, politicians and the public alike.

The “dirty dozen”, spoken of with indignation by the President of the European Union of Slovenian Football Association Alexander Ceferin, is now half a dozen with the withdrawal of Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool, prompting the founders to proceed to “restructure” the semi-closed competition for the Champions League.

In light of reports that spoke on Monday evening about Barcelona and Atletico Madrid heading to withdraw as well, it appears that the 12 founders did not sufficiently study their step and did not expect the reaction of the public in particular to be so angry.

According to the course of affairs, the project appears to be “super absurd,” according to what the Spanish newspaper “Marca” described after the decision of the six English clubs as being born dead, and “the project collapsed,” according to the electronic version of the Italian newspaper, Tuttosport.

The Super League has collapsed “like a palace of paper” according to the French newspaper L’Equipe, saying that “the rebels misjudged the size of the storm they caused” and that “the strongest resistance came from England.”

Indeed, the English clubs did not expect that the reaction of their fans to this project, which was supposed to generate a lot of money for them, including Chelsea, who entered his match in the Premier League against Brighton on Tuesday (zero-zero) against the impact of the protests outside his stadium, “Stamford Bridge”, an objection. On the participation of the London club in the launch of the Super League.

Almost a thousand fans of English clubs put aside their opponents in the Premier League and took part in this protest rally against “dissent” from European football, and raised banners reading “Let football rest in peace 1863-2021” and “Founded by the poor, stolen by the wealthy.” And “Roman Do Right,” in a letter to Chelsea’s Russian billionaire owner Roman Abramovich.

‘Victory for the masses’

Even before the start of the match, whose start date was delayed by 15 minutes due to the closure of the road in front of the team bus, the Brighton players sent a protest message to their hosts by wearing jerseys during the warm-up written on them with the slogan of the Champions League competition “Football for the People” and “They Deserve It”; That is, participating in the Champions League instead of reserving an annual seat for 15 founding clubs of the Super League, regardless of their results in the domestic league.

L’Equipe believed that “with the expansion of the English Premier League, England, which is the cradle of the game, made the Super League project possible.”

But England, which praises “in its connection with the idea that the club is first and foremost born of working-class society at the end of the nineteenth century,” was also “most influential in bringing down the project of (traitors) or (the 12 villains) or (conspirators), according to him.” L’Equipe, “whose adjective was based on headlines in the English press.

“What happened late Tuesday night was, for the British newspaper” The Daily Mirror, “a victory for the fans. The six English clubs withdrew from the Super League and left the tournament in tatters.”

“The Super League has faltered as the clubs caved in to the anger of the fans,” as The Times noted in its online edition, also speaking of the important role that coaches, players and politicians played in pushing English clubs to withdraw.

Manchester City was the first to withdraw, and he said in a statement that “Manchester City Football Club can confirm that it has formally taken measures to withdraw from the group that is developing plans for the European Super League.”

“This is football.”

“I am pleased to welcome City back to the European football family,” Ceferin said, expressing “my pleasure” at City’s decision, praising the “great intelligence” and “courage” of this withdrawal.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who vehemently opposed this league, was the first official to comment on the news of City’s withdrawal, saying on Twitter that it was “the right decision,” adding, “I hope that other clubs involved in the European Super League will follow suit,” referring to him also to Chelsea in There was talk at that time about the possibility of his withdrawal, before he later made an official decision.

What the Super League achieved is a “unique record” according to the Italian newspaper “Gazeta dello Sport” because within 48 hours “political leaders, the European Parliament, sports institutions, all the league press, fans, coaches, players and even institutions that joined the project” were united against it.

However, “the meaning of these two crazy days may now be not to stop at this point. Rather, it is necessary to take advantage of the movement of the cursor in the balance of power, and to make other demands that can return the game and its fans to the heart of the football organization,” according to “L’Equipe”, which published photos of the class Fourth, Romilly Valier, who qualified Tuesday to the French Cup final, with the comment “This is football.”



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