The collapse of the European Super League is a victory for the masses over the greed of the rich clubs


          The withdrawal of the six English clubs killed the scheme in the bud ... and the Real Madrid president sees lies behind the failure of the tournament            </p><div itemprop="articleBody">
          <p>The "dissociative" dream collapsed and the European Super League turned into a dead project after the six English clubs announced their withdrawal from its plans;  What pushed the founders to move towards a "restructuring", but that is now out of the account after Spain's Atletico Madrid, Inter and Milan, the Italians, joined the list of withdrawals, coinciding with the recognition of the Italian Juventus President Andrea Agnelli of the difficulty of moving forward with the project.

And after the English Premier League clubs Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester City and Chelsea announced their withdrawal from the Super League on Tuesday night, Atletico Madrid, Inter and Milan joined them yesterday, to remain in the arena Real Madrid and Barcelona from the Spanish side and Juventus from the Italian side.

But with the recognition of Italian Andrea Agnelli, President of Juventus, that the project did not exist without English clubs even before Atletico and Inter decided to withdraw, this means that the Super League died before it was born. The six England giants were among the 12 founding clubs of this separatist league, which was announced at dawn on Monday to compete with the Champions League, but the reaction to the scheme was harsh, as politicians and football authorities threatened to take legal action against the so-called “dirty dozen”, leading to the threat. Banning clubs from participating in the national tournaments.

Manchester City was the first to withdraw, and said in a statement, “Manchester City Football Club can confirm that it has formally taken measures to withdraw from the group that is developing plans for the European Super League.”

The President of the Slovenian European Union, Alexander Severin, expressed his pleasure at the return of English to the European football family, stressing the desire of “UEFA” to “rebuild the unity” of the clubs of the old continent.

“It is interesting to admit the mistake, and these clubs made a big mistake, but they are back in the family now, and I know very well that they have a lot to offer not only for our competitions, but for all European football,” Severin said. “Moving forward is the most important thing now, to rebuild the unity that the game enjoyed before and to walk together,” he added.

The withdrawals of the English clubs came after angry reactions from fans and politicians to the establishment of a tournament that includes 20 clubs, including 15 founders that regularly participate, regardless of their results in local tournaments.

Severin had reached out to the 12 clubs, saying “time is still available to change their minds, and stressing that the European Union cannot lose the next judicial battle” after he accused these clubs of “greed, narcissism and selfishness.”

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez insisted that the Super League was a wonderful project to save football and blamed “lies” for the fans’ failure to accept the new tournament.

“There are many reasons for us to support the plans for this tournament,” said Perez, who assumed the presidency of the Super League. Poor (economic) situation; Therefore, all the parties in this agreement seek to implement the project and find a solution, and none of them have been subjected to pressure to participate in it. “The fans have received false information, they say that the Super League will be completely closed, and this is not true,” he added. And that we will not rely on competence, and this is also a mistake. The clubs will participate in the Super League because of competence and sporting merit.

A Spanish commercial court had demanded in the preliminary ruling of the International Football Association (FIFA) and the European Union (UEFA) not to hinder efforts to establish the Super League. It was not immediately clear what authority the Madrid Commercial Court had over legal disputes involving companies over FIFA and UEFA, both of which are based in Switzerland. “(FIFA) and (UEFA) and all national federations under their banner must not adopt any measure that prohibits, restricts, limits or sets conditions in any way for the establishment of the Super League, the court said.

Peres was based on the court’s ruling after he warned the International and European Federations that they would impose sanctions on clubs and players participating in the Super League. But after a storm of public protests and the threat of sanctions, Perez and the Super League officials returned to reconsider the new tournament after the number of participants in it was reduced to only three clubs. But the position of Agnelli, Juventus president, could act as a bullet of mercy by admitting that the project could not be born after the withdrawal of English clubs. Agnelli said he is still convinced that European football needs to change, but he stressed that he does not feel remorse about the way he tried to establish the Super League, explaining, “I am still convinced of the beauty of this project, it would have become the best competition in the world, but after the intervention of politicians I don’t think That this project will continue ».

Ed Woodward, Manchester United’s executive vice president, became the first victim of the backlash against the separatist championship, announcing his resignation shortly before his club abandoned a project that had played a major role in its release.

It is believed that Woodward’s departure came with an agreement with the club’s owners, the Glazers, but he will continue his duties until the end of this year. “I am extremely proud of serving Manchester, and it has been an honor for me to work at the greatest football club in the world in the last 16 years, the club is well positioned for the future,” Woodward said in a statement. “I will keep memories of my time at Old Trafford, during which we won the European League, Confederation Cup and League Cup titles. I am proud to revive the club’s culture and return to the usual way of playing for Manchester United,” he added.

“We have spent more than a billion pounds sterling to consolidate the team during my tenure, and I am personally pleased with the progress the players have made under coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and the auxiliary apparatus in the last two years,” he concluded.

American John W. Henry, president of Liverpool club, also came out with a video in which he apologized to his fans for the role he played in launching the Super League, and said, “I think that the project would have succeeded only if it had the full support of the public, and this did not happen after fans of English clubs expressed their strong objection to the championship. ».

In the video, Henry apologized to all Liverpool fans and fans, stressing that the project would not have been possible without their support, and said, “We heard you.” I heard you ».

And an apology to the fans was also at the core of Arsenal’s withdrawal statement, saying, “After listening to you and the wider football community over the past few days, we are withdrawing from the proposed Super League. We made a mistake and we apologize for it. ”

In turn, the Football Association issued a statement welcoming the steps of the clubs that abandoned the Super League project, and praising the fans for their “influential and frank voice.”

“English football has a proud history of opportunities for all clubs, and all parties to the game are unanimous in rejecting the closed league,” the Football Association said. “It is a position that would naturally split our game, but instead it succeeded in uniting us all.”

The Super League case sparked anger at the owners of the six English clubs, and Graeme Souness, a former Liverpool star and Sky Sports commentator, said the fans would not forgive them despite the retreat. “It has been proven that they sell the souls of our major corporations,” he added. They were selling their souls for quick profits. Our fans will never forgive them. We are not America ».

British newspapers went out to announce their victory in bringing the English teams back on track against the Super League project, and most of them described what happened in recent days as a “civil football war that ended in the defeat of greed.”

The headline issued by the French sports newspaper L’Equipe yesterday was the most expressive of what happened in the past few hours, saying that “the English Premier League killed the Super League in its infancy.”

Former Liverpool defender Jimmy Carragher described the tournament as now dead. “The Super League is over! People did well all over the country ».

As City defender Benjamin Mendy said, “What a beautiful football day, let’s keep playing, fighting and dreaming.” “The clubs are back to their senses, the will of the fans has succeeded,” said former Manchester United captain Rio Ferdinand, who was a staunch critic of the separatist tournament from the start.

Almost a thousand fans of several English clubs had left their opponents in the Premier League aside and participated in a protest demonstration outside “Stamford Bridge” during the match between Chelsea and Brighton, which ended negatively, against the “split” from European football.

Banners reading: “Let football rest in peace 1863-2021,” “Founded from the poor, to be stolen by the rich,” and “Roman Do what’s right” in a letter to Chelsea’s billionaire Russian owner Roman Abramovich. In the end, they sang “We Save Football”, after reports emerged of English clubs withdrawing from the project.

Waiting to find out what will happen to this project, this crazy episode puts European football in the face of the huge disagreements that stir it, between rich clubs eager for profits and preserving their position amid an economic crisis caused by the outbreak of the Corona virus, and sports uncertainty.

And the currently legitimate questions: Will the dissidents be punished for thinking about such a revolution? Will the UEFA Champions League reforms to be implemented from 2024 and adopted on Monday be retained, even though they do not satisfy everyone?

All are questions that the European Union will have to deal with, but at the moment, what happened during the past three days looks like a victory for popular football over wealthy presidents and shareholders, and a “victory over greed”, according to English newspapers.


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