The closure of Corona Ramadan … The government of Morocco defends its decisions


And in his intervention before a joint session between the two chambers of Parliament, he revealed Ottoman High number of virus infections Corona It has mutated to 1,600 cases, including 115 confirmed cases of the British strain, and about 1500 almost confirmed cases, spread over all regions of Morocco.

The Prime Minister emphasized that “the epidemiological situation has been characterized in recent weeks by a noticeable and worrying change,” as there has been an acceleration in the number of injuries that require treatment within the resuscitation departments.

The Corona virus has died, since its outbreak in Morocco, West, sunsetMore than 9,800 people were killed and more than half a million injured.

A proactive decision to avoid a pandemic disaster

During the session devoted to presenting data on the epidemiological situation in Morocco and the measures taken, the head of the executive authority defended the tightening of measures within a month. Ramadan, Especially with regard to the imposition of a night curfew, starting at eight o’clock at night, which means suspending dinner and taraweeh prayers in mosques and closing shops, cafes and restaurants.

Othmani said that the nature Epidemic The volatile and sudden new Corona, and the relative slowdown in the vaccination campaign due to what was imposed by the global market for vaccines, are among the factors that called on the government to tighten precautionary measures during the month of Ramadan.

He described the new measures as a “preemptive” decision that was taken to avoid a repeat of the Eid al-Adha scenario for the past year, as the movement witnessed by the occasion led to a big jump in the number of daily injuries by more than 6000 cases.

Feasibility of night closing

He asks Moroccans Since the return of the night closure decision late last year, I have noticed the feasibility of this measure. The question has become a kind of sarcasm among the citizens, chanting, “Does Corona spread only during the night?”

In his answer to this question, Prime Minister Saad Eddin El Othmani confirmed during the joint parliamentary session that a measure is needed Closure Al-Layla has shown great success in reducing the risk of the virus spreading, as many countries around the world work with it. He emphasized that the night period is suitable for imposing this closure, unlike the daytime period, which is characterized by economic and social activity.

And Othmani stressed that “it is necessary to continue the night ban to eliminate Virus, Because mobility is related to the spread of the virus, and the goal is to reduce movement. “

For his part, Dr. Al-Tayeb Hamdi, a researcher in health policies and systems, considered that the night closure was among the correct measures that contributed to the stability of the health situation for many months.

In a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, the health expert explained that imposing a night curfew during the month of Ramadan would help to cope with the third epidemic wave, which he confirmed that it has already started in Morocco, especially since the month of Ramadan “witnesses a wide social movement during the period. Evening. “

Dr. Hamdi did not rule out the government’s tendency towards more tightening, especially in light of the slowdown in the vaccination campaign at the national level due to the increasing global demand for vaccine doses.

Morocco is waiting to receive 10 million doses of the vaccine Sinopharm Chinese during April and May.

It is also scheduled to receive a new portion of its share in the Kovacs global vaccine distribution program soon. It is also expected that he will receive a shipment of Russian Sputnik vaccine.

In this context, the health expert confirms that the total amount of vaccines that Morocco will receive may exceed 12 million doses, which would give a new impetus to the vaccination campaign.

Victims of the night shutdown

In parallel to the precautionary measures, Dr. Al-Tayeb Hamdi, a researcher in health policies and systems, stresses the need to find solutions for social groups that will be deprived of their sustenance during the night closure during the month of Ramadan.

In a joint letter to the government, the majority and opposition groups in the House of Representatives called for urgent social measures to be taken to support the groups affected by the decision to ban night movement during the month of Ramadan.

The deputies considered that this decision will have dire consequences for large segments of society, especially those working in cafes and restaurants and workers who are not registered in Social Security.

The government recently announced a decision to continue support for workers in the sectors most affected by the repercussions of the Corona virus, until next June. However, failure to register in the Social Records Regulations deprives a large group of the support provided by the private fund pandemic Corona.

On the popular level, calls for solidarity with the affected people were launched, and a virtual campaign was launched entitled “Supporting café waiters with a tip of 300 dirhams ($ 30).”


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