The channels that transmit the selection series, the second part, and the events of the tenth episode, today, 10 Ramadan


Searches increase daily about the date of the tenth episode of the “Choice” series today, and the channels that transmit the series “The Choice Part Two.” It is worth noting that the tenth episode of the series is shown today at nine o’clock in the evening on the Egyptian satellite channel On, the events of the series revolve around the operations that take place The Ministry of Interior to address the attack of terrorist elements on police personnel, and documentation of historical events that occurred in Egypt in the period after 2012 after the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the series is considered one of the most dramatic works in the ongoing Ramadan race, due to the success of the first part of the series.

Conveyor channels for the selection series 2

The events of the second part of the “Choice Men” series, entitled Shadow Men, will be broadcast on the ON-E channel screen at exactly nine o’clock in the evening Cairo time. The series is starring a distinguished elite of artists, including Ahmed Makki, Karim Abdel Aziz, Engy Al-Muqaddam, Asma Abu Al-Yazid, Bushra, Iyad Nassar, Riad El-Khouli, Omar El-Shenawy, and a large group of guests and major artists, led by Hadi Al-Jiyar, Ahmed Halawa and Salwa Othman Ali, the events of the series are a documentation of the political events that took place in the country from 2012 to the present time.

The events of episode 10 of the series selection

The tenth episode of the series “The Shadow Men” is expected to deal with the Interior Ministry’s reaction to the assassination of the National Security Officer, Mohamed Mabrouk, who was responsible for the intelligence case of the late President Mohamed Morsi, which was expected to go to trial to testify. He was killed before the trial date, and that was the end of the last episode, which witnessed a high percentage of viewers, especially with care to link between the real events and the events of the series.


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