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The powerful Lebanese bloc held its periodic meeting electronically headed by Representative Gebran Bassil and issued a statement in which he said: “After the bloc made every effort to help form a government, despite its unwillingness to participate in the government, the prime minister-designate still does not move a finger. The last of them is the formula of 24 ministers and without any one-third plus one for any party, and this is additional evidence that he does not want the formation now and escapes forward, invents dates, creates problems, strikes balances, and creates problems. Therefore, he has a responsibility to be frank with the people that he does not want to form the government now, for fear of taking responsibilities for the lifting of subsidies, demarcation of borders, criminal scrutiny, required reforms and the difficult decisions that await him, and the main question is what if the foreign consent is late and does not come? People see someone who does not compose, does not apologize, and does not break the government’s families. People are in pain, and the conglomerate is striving to speed up the composition, but there is a failure to convince the president in charge of writing.

The bloc declared that it “supports the wise and firm position of the President of the Republic on the issue of border demarcation, as he is striving to correct mistakes made before his arrival, to contain suspicious auctions and to avoid the repercussions of major international and regional conflicts over oil and gas in the Mediterranean basin.” Constitutional principles and international law, and this is what the President of the Republic seeks to provide, and he will not provide any effort to secure the safety of the homeland, its borders and its rights, and there is no doubt that his position will support Lebanon’s position in the negotiations from which Israel unilaterally withdrew and has not yet responded to the proposal that It was presented by the Lebanese negotiating delegation, and it is presented by the American mediator. We trust the President of the Republic on the sovereignty and rights of Lebanon, and we do not doubt at all that he will take the appropriate decision to achieve them.

He renewed his position in support of the implementation of the criminal audit in the accounts of the Banque du Liban, in accordance with the contract signed by the Ministry of Finance with the Alvarez and Morsal Company. “The answer is ambiguous without a time limit, and all that he delivered is nothing more than a list of topics without documents with it.”

He called on the Lebanese to “recognize these facts and support the forensic audit that defines responsibilities and losses in waste, discretionary transfers and financial engineering, and would help recover part of them,” noting that “criminal audit is an enforceable decision of the cabinet that cannot be canceled nor linked to any other entitlement, specifically Eligibility for forming a new government. Forming a government is an absolute priority for the regularity and stability of the work of institutions and for solving the financial and economic problems afflicting the country. Forensic auditing is a priority that is not second to none in the field of reforms, and to initiate them in order to gain access to the aid and aid program that Lebanon awaits.

He stressed “the need to continue the existing legislative effort by his deputies, in cooperation with the rest of the parliamentary blocs, especially in the Finance Committee and the sub-committees that emerged,” noting “their efforts to endorse the laws of Capitol Control, recover the funds transferred abroad and disclose the accounts and properties of those in a public service,” hoping In “that these laws find their way to approval because of the great benefit they contain for all the Lebanese.”

Source: National Information Agency


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