The Bayern Munich star promises “Remontada” to qualify


Bayern Munich star Josha Kimmisch, on Monday, expressed his confidence in his team’s ability to compensate for its first-leg loss to Paris Saint-Germain, and qualify for the Champions League golden square.

“I am convinced that we will qualify because we are the best team,” said the midfielder of the Bavarian team, when Bayern are visiting the French capital, Tuesday, in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.

The defending champions fell 2-3 last Wednesday at home to the Allianz Arena, which means that the German champion in the last eight seasons will be required to win by two goals over St. Germain, or win by a goal with scoring at least four goals to reach the semi-finals.

“In the first leg, we were the best party, even if the result did not reflect this, unfortunately,” Kimmish said in an interview on his club’s official website.

“They were dangerous three times and scored three goals. Besides, I don’t remember many Parisian opportunities,” recalled the 26-year-old, who was able to occupy several positions.

Bayern’s players hit 12 times against St. Germain in the first leg, scoring two goals, while the number of St. Germain’s shots between the sticks was only 3.

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