The author of “Cairo Kabul”: The scourge of terrorism is foreign to us and has never been rooted in our societies


Posted in: Thursday, April 8, 2021 – 2:54 PM | Last update: Thursday, April 8, 2021 – 2:54 PM

Writer Abdul Rahim Kamal said that the series “Cairo Kabul” deals with interesting stories and events drawn from the community, during which we monitor the march of 4 friends who represent 4 different styles, namely the terrorist, the security man, the artist and the media. The last, touching on the idea of ​​terrorism, to make it clear through a quiet dramatic treatment that this scourge is nothing but an alien to us and that it was never rooted in our societies.

Abdul Rahim Kamal confirmed, in a press statement: “We present the story of 4 friends who lived their childhood together as neighbors in one of Sayeda Zeinab’s neighborhoods, and received the same level of education and health care due to their moderate and close social and material conditions, moving in the times between the seventies and 2011, to review the differences that occurred in Their personalities may reach the point of contradiction, so we wonder through the events: What happened to these characters? And what is the reflection of those changes that they underwent on the homeland?

Abd al-Rahim Kamal discusses a side of the events, explaining: “Tariq Lotfi becomes a takfirist, while Khaled al-Sawy becomes a security man tasked with arresting the first. On the other hand, Fathi Abdel-Wahhab appears as a media man who sheds light on this and other cases.

He adds: “With this dialectical narrative, we examine the Egyptian and Arab community’s view of terrorism, its roots and other thorny issues, and review the tolerance view of religion on this issue, in contrast to another hard-line view that is foreign to our societies and does not belong to us at all.”

He expressed his happiness with the participation of this large number of actors, praising their high performance, and praising director Hosam Ali’s efforts to come up with a distinguished dramatic work at all levels.


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