The Astronomical Society in Jeddah: A small asteroid that passes near our planet today without danger


Today, Saturday April 10, 2021, the globe is witnessing a transit A small asteroid Newly discovered called 2021 GT3 Its diameter is 20 meters and it is moving at a speed of 24.4 kilometers per second, and it will pass safely, and there is no risk of colliding with our planet, and it will not be seen with the naked eye .

The Astronomical Society in Jeddah revealed, in a report, that the asteroid is 2021 GT3The same size as the asteroid that penetrated the sky of Russia in February 2013 and disintegrated at a low altitude, and a very high energy was released from it that caused a shock wave resulting from the explosion in the sky that led to the shattering of the building glass and human injuries due to flying glass, and small pieces of that space rock reach the surface of the earth in Image of meteorites.

The association explained that small asteroids approaching the Earth are likely to be affected by the Earth’s orbit, an effect called “assisting gravity” and space agencies use it to help propel spacecraft to different places in our solar system, and take advantage of such opportunities to learn more about asteroids such as nature. Its composition. These objects are like a time machine from the remnants of our solar system. They keep many secrets of that era and they can tell us more about the origin of our planet..

In addition, monitoring the movement of the asteroid is an excellent opportunity to test international capabilities to detect and track near-Earth objects and assess our ability to respond together to any real threat in the future..


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