The Arab Parliament condemns the Houthi attack on Saudi Arabia


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The Arab Parliament condemned the attempts of the terrorist Houthi militia to launch a ballistic missile and 4 car bombs launched by the militias towards Jizan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in one day, which successfully confronted them with the forces of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen.

The Arab Parliament affirmed that the militia’s continued systematic attempts to target civilians and civilian objects, and its continuous escalation, reflects its flagrant defiance of international law and its rejection of all political efforts to end the crisis in Yemen, noting that the Iranian-backed repeated attacks reflect the Iranian guardianship of the Houthi militia and its use as an arm and a tool for investigation. Its subversive plans to spread chaos in the region and undermine security and stability internationally and regionally, as well as reflecting its strong hostility to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which seeks through its strategic initiatives to achieve security and stability in Yemen.

The Arab Parliament expressed its complete stand with Saudi Arabia in the measures it takes to protect its security and territorial integrity and its residents, and to stand with it in one trench, stressing that the security and stability of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a fundamental pillar of Arab national security.

The Arab Parliament attributed the reason for the Houthi terrorist militia’s bullying Iranian support and its flagrant defiance of international and humanitarian laws to the state of lethargy on the part of the international and international community from taking a firm and deterrent stance on all practices that violate international laws and norms, calling on the international community to undertake its role and assume its responsibilities towards these militias and deter them from their violations. Rejected. He praised the strenuous efforts made by the coalition forces to support legitimacy and take operational measures to protect civilians and civilian objects from terrorist attacks and to successfully confront and destroy the despicable targets of the Houthi terrorist militia.

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