Tesla is trying to ease Chinese spying concerns


Tesla is trying to assuage fears about espionage in China so that it does not move to a larger province fueled by nationalism.

The US automaker stated on its Chinese social media page: No cameras have been activated in its cars outside North America.

This is to assuage safety concerns in the world’s largest auto market after the company was banned from using electric cars from Chinese military installations.

And by Tesla, the Chinese blogging platform Weibo, similar to Twitter: Even car owners in the United States are free to use the camera, and the car is equipped with a networked security system with world-leading security levels to ensure that user privacy is protected.

Last month, reports surfaced that China was not allowing military personnel and employees of large state-owned companies to park Tesla cars at facilities or take them to work.

The problem arose from the fact that the electric cars were equipped with multiple cameras that officials said could be used to record actions at the base or track troop movements.

The new Tesla Model 3 and Model Y also feature a camera in the coupe above the rearview mirror that can take short videos in the event of a collision.

While Tesla clarified on its website that these systems are disabled by default, it has once again had to reduce fears of Chinese surveillance to avoid a national accident.

Tesla President (Elon Musk) Elon Musk said earlier: “The company closes its doors if its cars are used for spying in China or any other country.”

Recently, foreign companies have come under fire in China for saying the government is forcing Uyghur Muslims into forced labor.

The broader trade war between the United States and China has raised fears of possible retaliation from China after the Trump administration imposed tough sanctions on Huawei.

China is Tesla’s largest market after the United States, with domestic sales doubling last year to $ 6.7 billion.


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