Technology news .. OPPO officially announces the Reno5 Z 5G phone … a neat feature in the WhatsApp application that connects Android and iOS soon


The site “Echo of the Country” published a group of news and reports related to technology during the past hours, including new information on the latest different technologies.

An elegant feature of the WhatsApp app that connects Android and iOS soon

According to a new report published by the technical site “gsmarena”, that the most popular social messaging application WhatsApp, WhatsApp, will soon get an elegant feature that allows users to backup their chat records over the Internet, and transfer them between different smartphones.

Officially .. OPPO announces the Reno5 Z 5G phone .. price and specifications

The global company, Oppo, has added a new member to its mid-range lineup, the Reno 5, which it calls the Reno5 Z 5G, and the new smartphone contains improved technologies, including a Dimensity 800U processor, and runs Android 11.

WhatsApp offers its latest features to encourage users to receive the Corona vaccine … Get to know it

Advertise the applicationواتسابThe chat has the launch of a new sticker package called “Vaccines for All”. The new stickers aim to encourage app users to obtain Corona vaccines and to show their appreciation for healthcare workers around the world.

In less than a minute … How to prevent WhatsApp spying

It contains an application WhatsApp Many secrets and personal and private information, and due to its extreme importance, it has become targeted by a lot of espionage and hacking operations, and in order to prevent spying on your WhatsApp, you need to follow some steps to protect your account on the platform to prevent spying on WhatsApp.

Officially .. The launch of the Gionee M3 phone with a strange camera design .. Price and specifications

Despite the emergence of some reports that raise suspicions about its smart devices, the Chinese brand Gionee is still launching new phones for its domestic market, as it announced today its latest model with a strange camera design, a phone called Gionee M3.

A shocking surprise … revealed by the leak of Mark Zuckerberg’s phone

Day after day crises follow on Facebook FacebookBecause of the problems faced by its various services on the Internet, which vary in disruptions and interruptions at the level of the world every period and violations of the privacy of users, but the most recent of which is the leakage of Facebook data to more than half a billion people on Facebook, including “Mark Zuckerberg.”

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