Technical problems in the Galaxy S21 series, “WhatsApp” is disrupted.


A number of users of the Galaxy S21 series have complained on the “Reddit” website and the official “Samsung” forum that they have problems using the “WhatsApp” application on their mobile devices.

Some Galaxy S21 users have complained about not being able to send or receive messages on the app via desktop.

Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 +, and Galaxy S21 Ultra users also indicated that the app disconnected from their phone when running on the web, and after disconnecting, users receive a message: “Make sure your phone is connected to the active Internet, and this can be very annoying, especially when you want to continue the conversation. Without unlocking the phone. ”

The technical reports attributed the reason behind this to the “battery optimization” technology from “Samsung”, whereby unused applications are put into sleep mode when the phone screen is closed, which interferes with the application’s ability to receive notifications in real time.

Other reports also indicated that the disconnection issue occurs when the Internet connection is unstable, or when the smartphone application is placed in the background.

However, some users still face the problem of disconnection, despite disabling the battery optimization feature, allowing network activity in the background, and reinstalling the application on their phones, and some users also did a factory reset, but to no avail.


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