Teaser videos for the upcoming Sony Xperia Mark III


This article was written by Sultan Al Qahtani – Sony Corporation has published teaser videos for the upcoming Sony Xperia Mark III in preparation for the official announcement on April 14th.

Sony is preparing to hold an event on April 14 to announce a new version of Xperia phones, and Sony has published teaser videos through which it hinted at the audio technology and the camera in the upcoming release.

The first teaser video confirms Sony’s plans to launch the Xperia Mark III, and highlights the company’s range of headphones, speakers, cameras, and other devices.

The video also highlights the triple settings of the rear camera on the Xperia Mark III, which includes periscope lenses, according to the leaks that have come so far.

The second video clip also reviews previous versions of Xperia Pro and Xperia 1 II phones and the technologies that the company presented in phones and games in particular.



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