TCL announces new phones and introduces the concept of the foldable phone


This article was written by Sultan Al Qahtani – TCL Mobile today announced new phones; TCL 20L, TCL 20L + and TCL 20 Pro 5G are the same phones that were leaked less than a week ago.

The three phones will be available across Europe and some select regions around the world in the coming weeks, while the United States and Canada will get a TCL 20 Pro 5G phone and a similar phone 20L + (called TCL 20 S) this summer.

Moreover, TCL has introduced an interesting concept of a foldable and roll-up phone. The TCL Fold ‘n Roll is a phone that can turn into a small tablet or a full 10-inch tablet.

The TCL 20L aims to be a feature-packed phone with an affordable price, it includes a large 6.67-inch screen and FHD + resolution, as well as a 5000 mAh battery and four cameras on the back with a 48-megapixel main camera, in addition to dual stereo speakers.

As for the design, it appears that this phone, which costs 229 euros, is equipped with an elegant and modern design, with a shiny glass back and a fingerprint sensor integrated with the power button. On the front, there is a 16MP front camera.

Powered by Android 11, TCL aims to provide regular security and OS updates for at least a year.

The TCL 20L + is the more advanced version of the standard TCL 20L, with a better camera setup and more memory.

Other than that, the phone offers the same processor, same screen, and the same features. Video recording is still up to 1080p at 60 frames per second with the main camera, while the front camera reaches 60 frames per second instead of 30 frames per second in the standard version.

Although the TCL 20L will come with 4 GB or 6 GB RAM depending on the region, the Plus version will only come with 6 GB of RAM.

As for the price, the price of the phone will be 269 euros.

As for the TCL 20 Pro 5G phone, the matter is different. As this phone is considered the pioneer and it was designed better and more luxurious without any bump or slit for the camera from the front whatsoever.

As the name suggests, the phone supports the fifth generation network, and it is also equipped with a 6.67-inch curved AMOLED screen, a 48-megapixel main camera from Sony with OIS optical stabilizer, in addition to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G 5G processor.

The cost of the phone is 549 euros (about $ 653), and it will be launched in Europe and will also make its way to the United States and Canada this summer, as we mentioned.

The TCL 20 Pro 5G also features 15W wireless charging, and it is powered by Android 11 but will get a longer OS update support for at least two years with regular security updates.

As for the foldable device, the Fold ‘n Roll combines the concept of the Huawei Mate X2 phone and the LG Rollable phone. This 6.87-inch phone will be spread twice, once to an 8.85-inch device and once to a 10-inch device.

The idea here is that this device, if it is actually produced, would be a step forward in the world of foldable phones with a compact size that can be expanded into larger sizes, completely replacing tablets.

In any case, the TCL Fold ‘n Roll for now is just a fun concept, as it shows us what the company is currently trying out and how the future of foldable smartphones can be envisioned.



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