tayyar.org – Video – Jenny Esper reveals secrets about her divorce, betrayal and the religion of her daughter


to her – The Syrian actress Jenny Esper said that “marriage protected her from the artistic community, and if I had not married in my artistic beginnings, I would not have continued my journey because it was in a very difficult environment,” noting that she loves marriage and stability and wants to take this step again.

She revealed that her marriage to a Muslim man according to Islamic law was sophisticated and that she did not change her religion as it was reported for some time, pointing out that her only daughter, Sandy, is a Muslim according to the religion of her father, but she also baptized her in the church.

She added that her daughter is brought up in a Christian home, with its customs and traditions, because she is with her, but she studies the Islamic religion in school, her identity is Muslim, and teaches her to respect all religions.

She indicated that she separated from her husband because they reached a dead end and a rift in their relations as a result of treachery, betrayal and lack of understanding, pointing out that a man deals with women like a dish, he cannot still eat the same food every day and wants to change the taste of his mouth always.

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