Talks about delaying Roland Garros


The French Ministry of Sports revealed that it is in talks with the organizers of the French Open, the second major tournament in tennis, to be held at Roland Garros stadiums between May 23 and June 6, regarding the possibility of “delaying it for a few days” and setting up “reception conditions.” masses”.The ministry said that “talks are underway with the organizers regarding the conditions for receiving the masses,” adding that “discussions are ongoing regarding a delay of a few days.” The new president of the French Tennis Federation, Gilles Moreton, said in late March that he is working on almost all scenarios, noting that the only one he “did not dare” to think about was the strict one: a capacity of 100 percent or a complete cancellation.
“Until the present time, we are in a race, the championship is still on schedule,” said the man, who arrived in the presidency of the federation on February 13. But if they announce the complete closure within two months, we will have to take measures. ”The cancellation may be the worst-case scenario, but“ I don’t dare imagine it. ”
In the year 2020, the tournament was postponed for several months due to the Coronavirus pandemic, before it was finally held in September with the attendance of a thousand people daily, while all sports competitions are currently held in France, but behind closed doors.

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