Suspending the launch of Johnson & Johnson vaccine in Europe and recommending to suspend its use in the United States


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                The US Food and Drug Administration recommended suspending the use of Johnson & Johnson vaccine in the context of "extra caution" pending confirmation of the results of studying the possibility of this vaccine causing blood clotting.  And this health authority in force in the United States said that six cases have been counted so far of blood clots in patients who received the vaccine.  And 6.8 million people in the United States have received a dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, up to Monday.  Johnson & Johnson announced the postponement of the vaccine launch in Europe after the American decision.

                                    <p>US health authorities recommended that you freeze the use of <a target="_blank" href="أوروبا/20210311-لقاح-جونسون-آند-جونسون-ضد-فيروس-كورونا-ينال-الضوء-الأخضر-لبدء-استخدامه-في-الاتحاد-الأوروبي" rel="noopener"><strong>Johnson & Johnson Vaccine</strong></a>  Counter <a target="_blank" href="فرنسا/20201221-هل-يصمد-لقاح-فايزر-بايونتيك-أمام-السلالة-الجديدة-لفيروس-كورونا" rel="noopener"><strong>For Covid-19</strong></a>  As a matter of "extra care," awaiting confirmation of a possible link between this vaccine and blood clots, according to what a regulator said Tuesday.  The US Food and Drug Administration stated, "We recommend freezing until this process is completed."

In parallel with the US health authorities ’announcement, Johnson & Johnson announced Tuesday that it will postpone the launch of its COVID-19 vaccine in Europe due to health concerns.

The US Food and Drug Administration said on Twitter that it and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were evaluating the “potential significance” of six reported cases of rare blood clots in patients who received the vaccine.

The administration reported that more than 6.8 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine had been given in the United States as of Monday. And she was European Medicines Agency A few days ago, she reported that she was looking at possible cases of blood clots in people who had received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The US Food and Drug Administration reported via Twitter that it and the Centers for Disease Control “are reviewing data relating to six cases recorded in the United States of a rare and severe type of blood clots in individuals after receiving the vaccine. Currently, these adverse events appear extremely rare.”

She stressed that she is calling for a halt to its use to allow health workers to plan “the unique treatment that this type of blood clot will need.”

The tweets said that an advisory committee of the Centers for Disease Control will meet on Wednesday “to review these cases further and assess their potential significance. The Food and Drug Administration will review this analysis while also investigating these cases.”

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