Surprisingly … “Chelsea” interacts with the series “Strangers Offspring”


Last update: 21 – April – 2021 11:08 AM

The echoes of the scenes of the series “Descent of the Strangers” have reached the world, after the English Chelsea club circulated them through its social media page.

The official page of the English Chelsea club, on the social networking site, published 4 photos collected by the artist Ahmed El Sakka, reading: “Hakim… Ziyash… Hakim Ziyash… Ziyash Hakim”, accompanied by a comment: “The magician is wise.”

The famous comics from the series “Nassal Al-Aghrab” followed the famous scene that brought together the artist Amir Kararara and Ahmed Al-Sakka, after the latter tried to provoke him by mentioning the name of his son and his ex-wife, saying: “Jalila .. Hamza .. Jalila Hamza .. Hamza Jalila”.

The secret of Chelsea’s selection of the image of “Assaf al-Gharib” in order to celebrate the brilliance of Moroccan player Hakim Ziyech with the club, after he led his team to victory over Manchester City with a single goal in the 55th minute of the match to advance the team to the final match in the FA Cup, according to “Sputnik.” “.


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