Summary of the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match and the goals of the two teams at Sunday’s summit (video)


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The first football team of Al-Ahly club achieved an important and difficult victory over its traditional rivals Zamalek with two goals for a goal during the match that took place between them on Sunday evening 4/18-2021, on the grounds of the Al-Qaher International Stadium in the postponed fourth round of the Premier League.

The first half between Al-Ahly and Zamalek ended with Al-Ahmar leading two goals to a goal during the meeting that brings them together on the grounds of Cairo International Stadium in the postponed fourth round competitions.

Zamalek club tied against Al-Ahly after Shikabala scored a carbon copy goal in the African Champions League final, which was held between Al-Ahly and Zamalek last year.

Al-Ahly returned to advance again against Zamalek after Mohamed Sharif fired a missile that did not fall away from outside the penalty area at the 35th minute of the first half, to make the score 2: 1.

Shikabala captured the ball, dodged the Al-Ahly defender and hit the ball hard in Chiak Ali Lotfi, who was unable to stop the ball.

Al-Ahly club advanced again with a missile shot from Mohamed Sharif at the 21st minute of the first half during the meeting between them currently on the grounds of Cairo International Stadium in the postponed round of the fourth week.

At the ninth minute of the first half, Al-Ahly club missed another goal after Mohamed Magdy Qafsha sent a long ball behind Zamalek’s defenses, to be received brilliantly by Hussein Al-Shahat, and he paid off the Zamalek goalkeeper badly outside the frame.

Al-Ahly had missed a goal in the first minute, after Ayman Ashraf sent a cross to Mohamed Sharif, who hit the ball to the right of Mahmoud Jensh, and the ball came out safely on the Zamalek team.

Al-Ahly took over the course of the game during the first ten minutes, especially after its players managed to pass the ball across the width and length of the stadium, while Zamalek did not reach Ali Lotfi’s point, finally, with the exception of the corner kick obtained by Zamalek after five minutes of the first half.

Zamalek started the second half, attacking, trying to quickly return to the meeting, especially as he was late with a goal after Al-Ahly club ended the half with a score of 1-2, scored by Mohamed Sharif for Al-Ahly and Shikabala for Zamalek.

At the first minute of the second half, Ahmed Sayed Zizou hit a ball from outside the penalty spot for Al-Ahly club, but Ali Lotfi managed to stop it with ease, especially since the ball was weak.

Zamalek started relatively from what he used to play in the first half and liberated his players in the middle of Al-Ahly Stadium, especially the two parties, Ahmed Fattouh and Hazem Imam, who was absent from their duties in the first half.

But Al-Ahly succeeded quickly in holding together again in the first-half manner, and his players passed the ball along the length and width of the field according to the instructions of Pitso Mosimani to withdraw the players of the club Zamalek in the middle of the Al-Ahly stadium and send the ball behind the defenses of the white team to create opportunities on the goal of Mahmoud Jensh.

Zamalek club formed two dangerous attacks between the 53rd and 55th minute after the first attack came through Ahmed Fattouh and sent it to a cross to pass in front of Ahmed Sayed Zizou’s head. The Zamalek player demanded a penalty kick under the pretext of Rami Rabia’s payment to Ahmed Sayed Zizou.

In the second, Ferjani Sassi played a ball from above Al-Ahly’s defenses, causing a penalty kick for Zamalek after Rami Rabiaa Seif El-Din Al-Jazeeri paid, and Mahmoud punched the ball.

Zamalek was very active in the second half through Ashraf bin Sharqi, who arrived and toured the right front of Al-Ahly club, Ahmed Beckham’s front, who failed to stop the danger of the Moroccan star, alternating with Rami Rabia.

At the 73rd minute, Pesto Seasoniani made two changes at once, with Kahraba and Marwan Mohsen replacing Taher Mohamed Taher and Mohamed Sharif, and the South African coach had gone out at the beginning of the second half, Hussein Al Shahat, and joined Nasser Maher. Seasoniani pushed for two changes Walid Suleiman and Akram Tawfiq, instead of Ahmed Beckham and Mohamed Magdy Qafsha.

Ali Lotfi saved his team from a confirmed second goal in the penultimate minute of the stoppage time of the second half after Mahmoud Alaa played the ball with his header, but Ali Lotfi saved his team from the equalizer.

Betso Mosimane, the coach of Al-Ahly club, announced the formation of his team, which will compete in the Zamalek match shortly, and it came as follows:

Goalkeeper: Ali Lotfi.

Defense line: Ayman Ashraf, Badr Bannon, Rami Rabia, Beckham.

Midfielders: Aliou Diang, Amr Al-Soulia, Mohamed Magdy Afsha.

Offensive line: Hussein Al-Shahat, Taher Muhammad Taher, and Muhammad Sharif.

It is noteworthy that Al-Ahly club is in today’s match with a number of absences, most notably goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shennawi, defender Yasser Ibrahim and left-back Ali Maaloul, in addition to Hamdi Fathy and Junior Ajay.

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