Subcutaneous injection to reduce the risk of symptomatic cases of corona


The Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche presented today, Monday, new data on the third phase of a trial of a mixture of antibodies, aimed at reducing the risk of symptomatic cases of Corona disease.

The Basel-based company said its latest data showed that subcutaneous injection of a mixture of cacerefimab / imifemab reduces the risk of symptomatic cases of corona by 81%.”Among the individuals who still had asymptomatic infection, people who received cacerifimab / imifemab were able to clear the virus more quickly, and the period of their symptoms was shorter,” the company added in a statement.

The company explained that the mixture resulted, for a group of patients who were newly infected with the virus without symptoms, to reduce the risk of becoming infected with Corona disease, accompanied by symptoms, by 31%.

The company indicated that this data will be shared with regulators in Europe and the United States of America.


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