Study: Corona virus has been around for 25,000 years


A new study suggested that the Corona virus infected the ancestors of contemporary East Asians 25,000 years ago and continued to infect them for thousands of years after that.

And Live Science stated that “the Corona pandemic, which has killed more than 3 million people around the world, is one of the modern diseases, but as far as this threat appears new, humans have fought dangerous viruses since the beginning of time, and there may be a Corona virus among them.”

Lead researcher in the study, David Enard, an assistant professor of ecology and evolution at the University of Arizona, said: “There have always been viruses that infect humans, and given that the genes that increase people’s chances of survival and facing disease, it is likely that these genes will be passed on to generations. New “.

Through this theory, Enard and his team analyzed the genes of 2,504 people across 26 different human groups around the world, in a study whose results were published Jan.13 on the bioRxiv database and is under review for publication in a scientific journal.

The study indicates that if the mutation gives the gene an advantage such as a better ability to fight the virus, the virus will have a better chance of being transmitted to the next generation.

The study revealed that people of East Asian descent possess certain genes known to interact with corona viruses, or in other words they have genetic mutations that are more resistant to the virus.

These results confirm the exposure of people who have lived in modern East Asia for thousands of years to a virus similar to Corona, which gave their ancestors a greater genetic ability to resist it.

Also, the study revealed that beneficial variants continued to spread until about 5,000 years, indicating that the ancient virus continued to threaten this population for a long time.

“Viruses exert some of the strongest selective pressures on humans to adapt, and it is assumed that corona viruses have been around long before the emergence of humans,” said Joel Wertheim, assistant professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of California, in an interview with Live Science.

“This study provides a wonderful investigation of how and when that happened,” he added.

He continued: “It is very difficult to confirm whether the virus that caused this development is also the Corona virus or not, but it appears as a reasonable working theory.”

Source: Live Science


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