Study: A vaccine against “Covid-19” may “cause” herpes infection in rare cases!


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Study: a vaccine against


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Researchers discovered through an Israeli study that herpes infection can occur due to “Covid-19” vaccines in some patients with underlying disease conditions.

The study identified six individuals who developed a rash known as shingles, after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. Five of them developed a rash after the first dose of the vaccination, and a sixth developed it after the second dose.

Shingles causes a red, itchy rash on the skin that may eventually lead to complications such as nerve damage.

Researchers from the Tel Aviv “Suraki” Medical Center and the “Carmel” Medical Center in Haifa found that the risk of contracting shingles is more likely for patients suffering from AIIRD.

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The six who had herpes infection had mild cases of autoimmune inflammatory rheumatism, and were under the age of 50.

The potential risk is still relatively small, as only 1.2% of the 491 patients actually developed the infection.

Lead researcher, Dr. Victoria Furrer, told The Jerusalem Post that the Pfizer vaccine could not be considered a confirmed “cause” of infection.

She added, “We cannot say that the vaccine is the cause at this stage. We can say that it may be a cause in some patients.”

Forer explained that people still need to be vaccinated, but patients with autoimmune rheumatic diseases should get vaccinated against shingles before vaccinations for “Covid”.

“We should not frighten people. The general message is vaccination. It is only important to be aware,” she said. It also revealed that more research is needed to “concretely” link the shingles outbreak to the Pfizer vaccine, but it has already received e-mails from patients around the world reporting similar infections.

Source: RT


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