Studies produce solutions to sustain water resources and preserve the environment


Al-Ain: Rashid Al-Nuaimi

The National Water and Energy Center at the United Arab Emirates University has succeeded in conducting studies and developing solutions that contribute to the sustainability of water resources and the preservation of the environment, in cooperation with the concerned authorities.

Dr. Ahmed Murad, Associate Deputy for Scientific Research, confirmed that the center is working in coordination with the strategic plan of the Emirates University, to establish a national and international reputation for the university in the development, conservation and sustainability of water and energy, with a focus on renewable energy and unconventional water resources.

He added that the center is a pioneer in conducting advanced scientific research and providing advisory services in water and energy in an integrated manner. It is one of the research centers of the Emirates University, which aims to be global research centers specialized in areas of strategic importance to the country. The center offers a mixture of basic and applied scientific research, professional development, policy analysis, environmental impact assessment studies and consultancy in the areas of water and energy resource sustainability.

Pointing out that the center provides an opportunity for researchers in water and energy to conduct their research and document cooperation and coordination between them, to exchange experiences in a way that qualifies it to achieve its goals. It also provides researchers with the appropriate climate to gain experience and achieve continuous scientific progress. It provides the appropriate management and coordination mechanism to enable research cooperation within the country, appropriate alignment of research activities, and bridge the gap between the local market and academia, to find advanced solutions to challenges and ensure safe and clean water and energy resources.

Dr. Mohsen Sharif, director of the center, said that the cooperation included the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, to conduct field tests in the Wadi Al-Bayah dam area, to increase the recharge of underground reservoirs. And with the Ajman Municipality Planning Department, to implement and design a network of groundwater monitoring wells in the emirate using the telemetric system, and to implement two projects with the Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi, one of which is on the topographic survey system for groundwater wells and developing the capabilities of the authority’s human cadres, and the other is on evaluating the water produced during oil and gas extraction, And how to treat it and opportunities for reuse.

The cooperation included the Ministry of Energy and Industry with the project to assess groundwater resources and wells in the Northern Emirates. Al Ain City Municipality has two projects, the first on the integrated management of the sustainability of public urban green spaces in the city of Al Ain, and the second dealing with a consultative study of future public services and entertainment needs in Al Ain. And cooperation with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment to review the current capacity and efficiency of climate change models in the UAE and the region and assess the social and economic impact of the UAE’s plan to adapt to the effects of climate change.

And cooperation with Abu Dhabi Municipality in the drainage of rainwater and groundwater control systems. The project included specialized studies of injection wells, a numerical model and an analysis of the results.


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