Specialists for Okaz: Drama needs “recovery rooms” … miserable abusive! – Saudi News


Drama specialists emphasized that art has a value that establishes beauty, restores world perception and values ​​morals, not corrupt scenes, ridiculous revelations, and shameful behavior, and told «Okaz»: «The continuing weakness of the local dramatic phenomenon for years needs resuscitation rooms to save it, through the intervention of an advisory body to direct it to the course. the correct”.The director and playwright Raja Al-Otaibi believes that the local drama series (Buna Saghra) reflects a major structure represented by (the dramatic phenomenon) in Saudi Arabia, as the dominant dramatic phenomenon is artistically weak, at the level of academic foundation, talent, and artistic accumulation, so it is not expected to produce artistic works. Distinctive, because there is a close relationship between the dominant phenomenon and the productive structures. He added: «We have to study the prevailing phenomenon, and this shall be by specialists, to develop short and long-term strategies. I think that the censor is not a solution, on the contrary, his presence increases the problem, as the actual censor: is the media, the viewer, the society, and for the truth, they are not doing their role sufficiently, and the bet remains at the level of the recipient’s artistic awareness, as he will be the owner of the decision to accept or Turn down businesses, stars, or even channels.

Al-Otaibi concluded: “Whoever portrays society in an inappropriate way, or vice versa, makes us above everyone else, does not know what drama means, nor the meaning of arts, as a soft force .. Arts (simulating society) and not literally, and drama is not concerned with people’s concerns, but rather concerns (character). Dramatic) in its dramatic setting ».

In turn, the film critic Fahd Al-Ostaat attributed the weakness of the content of the Ramadan series in recent years for more than one reason, as we are still suffering from the very short preparation and implementation period that occurs before Ramadan, but we have reached the last ten days, and there are still works that have not been definitively completed, and he went on to say: « Texts and ideas are still outdated, old, and traditional with their characters, patterns, and methods, and there is also a limitation in choosing writers, and this affects those who have better writing ability, and he went on: “We do not have the conscious producer, whether artistically or who can read the social reality and mental changes of the viewer .. in writing. The texts, in their current state, are old and miserable, and this is what made them present a negative stereotype about society. ”


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