South Korea summons the Japanese ambassador against the backdrop of the decision to release Fukushima’s polluted waters into the sea – Al-Manar Channel website – Lebanon


South Korea summoned the Japanese ambassador, Koichi Aiboshi, today, Tuesday, against the backdrop of Tokyo’s decision to release polluted water into the sea from the now defunct Fukushima nuclear plant.

Japan announced earlier that it plans to start releasing massive amounts of radioactive water, exceeding 1.2 million tons of radioactive water stored in the nuclear plant’s tanks since the collapses that followed the earthquake and tsunami in 2011, within two years.

“The government expresses its deep regret over Japan’s decision,” said Koo Yeon-chul, head of the Korean Government Policy Coordination Office in South Korea, adding that “the government will take all necessary measures in line with the principle of preserving the safety of the Korean people from the polluted water of the Fukushima reactor.” .

Seoul has also strongly urged Tokyo to ensure transparent disclosure and verification of information related to water treatment.

The South Korean official confirmed that his government will convey its concerns to the International Atomic Energy Agency, and will ask the international community to conduct an objective review of safety issues related to the release of Fukushima water.

In response to Washington’s approval of the Tokyo decision, Kuo said he believed that the US State Department’s statement tended to stress the need for IAEA ratification.

The US State Department said that Japan was transparent with regard to its decision on the release of Fukushima waters, and that it “apparently adopted an approach consistent with internationally accepted nuclear safety standards.”

Japan claims that this method is the most realistic and relatively harmless, but the plan raises objections and concerns among the public in Korea and Japan, according to the South Korean media.

Source: Reuters


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