Sources close to Bassil respond to what was stated by Hariri


Sources close to the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gebran Bassil, responded to what was stated by Hariri and to Al-Wasat sources via Al-Jadid, saying:
1- It is clear to the French who responded positively to the French endeavor and the invitation to a meeting in Paris and who has delayed an entire week without giving any answer to the endeavor.
2- It is clear to the French that we have accepted the formula of the 24 ministers, which, as I have proposed, does not contain a blocking third for anyone to deny the accusations that we want the blocking third.
3- Bassil did not ask to go to Paris, but was invited to a meeting whose date and date were not specified, awaiting an answer from Hariri himself, who continued to procrastinate for a whole week until the French endeavor fell.
4- It is clear to the French who presented a complete squad and who did not fulfill their duty to present an integrated governmental formula.

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