Sony pushes the PS5 update with support for external USB storage


Sony has launched an important update for the PlayStation 5 platform, by offering the advantage of external storage support for games in one of the USB storage devices that connect to the PS5 game, among other features.

Sony has started pushing a new update to the PlayStation 5 platform, through which it introduces a set of new features, on top of which comes support for external USB storage, allowing users to transfer games from the PS5 to a connected USB device, provided that the feature supports storage only, so it will not be available For users to play through the external capacity directly, as the capacity will only support the user in storing and archiving games.

Sony confirms that transferring games later from USB devices to external storage will provide users with a seamless experience compared to downloading games again.

Sony has provided this feature for PS4 users, but Sony also supports the PS4 play games via an external drive directly as well, and the PS5 allows transferring PS4 games from external capacity to the device, as support was previously limited to PS5 games only.

Also among the most important features provided by Sony in this update is support for PS4 players’ participation in competing in games, as PS5 users can now invite friends from PS4 users to share games in the cloud.

It will also be possible to invite friends as auxiliary players in the games, provided that the previous features require a subscription to the PlayStation Plus service. PS5 players will also be able to share game screen scenes with friends, and this feature comes to users free of charge.

It is decided that users will appear with a list of friends available on the service to share games or compete in games, and a list of friends will appear on the PS4 and PS5 platform to support users with a seamless experience in competing and sharing games.

The update also introduces the “Game Base” feature, which will support users with a seamless experience to switch players participating from friends or members. Users will also have the advantage of disabling conversations, or adjusting the audio level for other players, with support for screen enlargement, and automatic screen shots and video clips on distinctive circuits only. From gold and platinum.

It is noteworthy that Sony has also announced the update of the PlayStation application on the Android and iOS platform, to begin pushing the new update for users in the coming weeks, as the application allows the user to join the multiplayer games on the PS5 platform, and it also supports the application used to control and manage the PS5 game device.



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