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Social / STC donates 10 million riyals to the Ihsan platform while continuing its technical support through the technical empowerment program The Saudi Press Agency


Social / “Saudi Telecom” donates 10 million riyals to the “Ihsan” platform while continuing to support it technically through the “Technical Empowerment” program

Saturday 9/5/1442 AH corresponding to 04/17/2021 AD, SPA

Riyadh 05 Ramadan 1442 AH corresponding to April 17, 2021 AD, SPA
Saudi Telecom Company (stc) – within the National Campaign for Charitable Work, provided the Ihsan platform with a financial donation of 10 million riyals, in addition to stc’s support and contribution in operating and providing the call center in the Ihsan platform through a team dedicated to responding to nearly 900 calls per day and sending messages A text to introduce the platform and its objectives, as part of the company’s adoption of sustainable contributions and as part of its efforts to harness its digital capabilities to empower the non-profit sector, and the partnership in the platform is under the supervision of the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence and a number of other official bodies.
The group provides technical support as part of its programs in support of the non-profit sector, through the “technical empowerment” program, which contains integrated packages of advanced technical solutions possible for the non-profit sector that support the sectors belonging to the sector in raising the efficiency of performance, the quality of institutional work and the optimal use of resources, in order to achieve the goal. By harnessing technology to support and enhance societal contribution.
The program aims to technically empower non-profit sector organizations by providing a set of solutions and multiple platforms, where the total support value for all these solutions and platforms is estimated at 10 million riyals.
Thus, the total amount provided by the group of 20 million riyals was between direct financial support and also as technical support for the platform, since the partnership with the “Ihsan” platform is consistent with stc’s sustainability strategy that focuses on adopting the best responsible and sustainable business practices and maximizing the impact of developmental contributions and empowering the communities in which it operates. The group, technically and digitally, also supports the group’s goal to stimulate innovative digital opportunities that are a strategic component of sustainability, in order to achieve the requirements of the sustainable development goals.
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