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Dhahran 20 Shaban 1442 AH corresponding to April 02 2021 AD SPA
Saudi Aramco strengthened its pioneering contributions to community service by supporting many initiatives that included multiple segments of society, including children with autism, and worked with partners to provide support for a number of integrated services for this category in the fields of educational, therapeutic and vocational rehabilitation programs for all disability groups from ages 3 to 21. Years old.
The company’s strategy works to enhance human potential through comprehensive education, and the development of life skills that enable children with disabilities to develop their capabilities, and allow them to integrate into normal life, and the company believes that working with active partners in this field supports its firm belief for more than 80 years. That education is the basis for investing in human potential.
The initiatives supported by Saudi Aramco provide direct services to people with disabilities because they are an important community segment that needs to provide better services that enable them to appreciate themselves and live a decent life. They also support their families and families through family counseling and awareness workshops. Some of these initiatives provide services that enable children with disabilities. Learning difficulties from reaching their full potential.
Within the framework of its role in social responsibility, Saudi Aramco has sought, by supporting the Autism Candle Center for Rehabilitation, financially and technically, to make significant contributions to an important segment of society, which are children with autism, by providing educational materials from an early age, as well as evaluation and diagnostic services. To keep pace with the capabilities of people with disabilities, provide academic integration, professional training, and support the employment of older students who graduate, the company works on cooperation and partnerships with government and private agencies to promote integration, and provide the best services for students with learning difficulties and autism, and Saudi Aramco seeks – through Its support for autism centers – to opening job opportunities for Saudis, and training to gain experience in important areas of life.
Supporting the Autism Center is a practical embodiment of the value of citizenship and an affirmation of the company’s social responsibility within the Kingdom, which is the essence of its commitment and national role, as it seeks to find effective and sustainable solutions that contribute to enhancing the well-being in our societies, with the aim of empowering the local community to meet the basic needs of serving people with disabilities, especially A segment of children among them, and Saudi Aramco made its endeavors in the field of social responsibility to support injured children and their families, realizing the importance of the role of the business sector in societal contribution and empowerment of community members.
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