Simeone: We are playing against everything in Spain


Argentine coach Diego Simeone confirmed the team Atletico Madrid The Spaniard, that his team are always playing for everything, despite recent shaky results.

Atletico Madrid, leaders of the Spanish League, have faltered a lot in recent matches, and the difference between him and Real Madrid and Barcelona has narrowed.

وقال Simeone In the press conference for Real Betis tomorrow: “Getting to the last five rounds in the league makes it very complicated, there is intense competition, the Spanish league is not easy.”

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He added: “Except for what we achieved in 2014, we are used to seeing Barcelona and Real Madrid as champions. I hope that what happened in 2014 will definitely be repeated, while there is absolute pressure on us.”

He continued: “We will face Real Betis tomorrow at a difficult stadium. It is undeniable that we are suffering lately, but we have to wake up, for the sake of the people of Atletico Madrid.”

He pointed out: “The fans of Atletico Madrid know us well, they know how we are, and what idea we have, many years have passed and I do not like to talk about things that have passed, but we play against everything, everyone is against us, we play against everything in Spain.”

He concluded, “I always look at all things positively. I trust my players and know my team well.”


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