Significant growth in the possession of the UAE Central Bank of gold


Follow-up – Muzaffar Ismail

The balance of the Central Bank of gold bullion increased to 10.481 billion dirhams by the end of last February, an annual increase of 87%. Or 4.8 billion dirhams, compared to 5.61 billion in February 2020.

Yesterday, Central Bank statistics showed that the balance of the yellow metal decreased on a monthly basis by 6.2%, or the equivalent of 687 million dirhams, compared to the previous January. While it decreased by 18.5%, or the equivalent of 2.38 billion dirhams, since the beginning of this year, compared to 12.86 billion dirhams at the end of December 2020.

The number of national bank branches in the country reached 537 branches distributed among 21 banks by the end of last February, compared to 539 branches in January and 541 branches in December 2020. The number of payment offices decreased from 23 last January to 22 offices last February. While the number of foreign bank branches remained stable at 73 distributed among 37 banks, according to the statistical bulletin for the month of February.

The number of employees in banks in the state remained constant at 33 thousand and 444 employees distributed by 26 thousand and 408 employees in national banks and 7,036 employees in foreign banks.

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