Shooting of Will Smith’s new movie “Emancipation” has been canceled in Georgia due to voting laws


Filming in Georgia, “Emancipation,” starring Will Smith, was canceled due to what the actor described as “retrograde voting laws” in the US state.

Smith and director Antoine Fuqua, in a statement to “Deadline”, art news, said they felt “compelled” to take a stand.

“We cannot, out of good conscience, provide economic support to a government that enacts retroactive voting laws aimed at restricting the vote of the electorate,” they added.

Some feel that the new law will impose restrictions on the voting of disadvantaged groups in society.

Do other film companies withdraw?

Deadline said the move by the producers of “Liberation” comes after weeks of discussions between filmmakers, film industry officials and political leaders in Georgia, including voting rights activist Stacey Abrams.

This is the first film that the state officials withdraw from the state since the entry into force of the new laws, but it may not be the last.

Director James Mangold, who will be directing the new movie in the “Indiana Jones” series, recently said that he will not be directing any new films in Georgia due to the new law.

“Georgia has been using the money to steal movie jobs from other states that allow people to vote,” he wrote on Twitter. I don’t want to make films there. ”

“Star Wars” Mark Hamill echoed Mangold’s tweet.

The Georgia Film Commission says that many of the highest-grossing films are filmed there “more than anywhere else in the world,” including recently released films such as “Deadpool,” “Avengers: Endgame,” “Wanda Vision,” and “Stranger Things”. And the “Walking Dead.”

Film and television production currently generates more than $ 10 billion for the state annually. Opposition to the new laws, Abrams urged Hollywood not to turn away en masse.

Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King Jr., asked the filmmakers to reconsider the move. “Please stop talking about County Georgia,” she said. This would hurt middle-class workers and people in poverty. It will increase the harms of racism and class. ”

What she New laws?

Ballot boxes
Commenting on the photo, the new law reduces the number of ballot boxes in the mail

In future elections, those wishing to vote by mail will be required to present an identification document.

Supporters of the law say this method will make voting by mail safer, but opponents say the new measures are likely to disproportionately affect black Americans, who are less likely to have electoral identity documents than white Americans.

The law also prohibits anyone, except for election officials, from distributing food or water to people standing in lines outside polling stations. There will be a limit to the number of ballot boxes that arrive by mail to voters wishing to cast their ballots early. This means that many will have to make longer trips.

The early voting period for all run-off elections will also be shortened. In Georgia, no candidate can run in primary or general elections without first obtaining more than 50 percent of the vote.

US President Joe Biden described the move as “hideous,” and said it targeted black Americans disproportionately.

He described the law as a “blatant attack on the constitution” and “Jim Crow in the twenty-first century,” in reference to laws that imposed apartheid in the South in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

However, Republicans say they are simplifying voting procedures and trying to restore confidence in the election system.

What is the story of Will Smith movie?

In Liberation, Smith plays an American named Peter, who escapes from slavery on a Louisiana farm after suffering horrific abuse.

He travels north to join the Union Army during the American Civil War.

The story of the film is inspired by real events. A photo taken on Peter’s back during an army medical examination showed scars from his skin.

The picture was published in 1863 and seen around the world, which gave impetus to supporters of the abolition of slavery, as well as pushed many free blacks to join the Union army.

Filming was due to begin in June.


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