Shocking details about the death of the Jordanian boxer Rashid Sweissat


The World – Jordan

The first story of the tragedy was that Sweissat, 19, died more than a week after suffering a head injury, after he fell by a knockout in the third round of a confrontation against Estonian Anton Vinogradov at a weight of under 81 kilograms.

And the story continued that the young man underwent urgent surgery, and later died of an injury he sustained during the fight with Vinogradov.

However, the Polish press presented a completely different account of the death.

In the details that the semi-official Jordanian newspaper Al-Rai reported, according to Polish media, Sweissat arrived at the Regional Complex Hospital in the Polish city of “Kalsi”, unconscious.

The Polish media added that the player fell to the ground and did not get up after that, and did not show signs of life, and soon the medical authorities transferred him to the hospital where he arrived unconscious, which required the medical staff to perform an emergency surgery.

As for the shocking details, it was what the doctor treating Soysat revealed, which is that the latter had a hematoma that required surgery for him urgently.

He added that the injury was not likely the result of the fight against the Estonian boxer.

In a related context, the President of the Polish Boxing Federation stated that there is an “old injury present in the boxer Soysat.”

In other words, what was reported by the Polish press denies that the player died as a result of the knockout.

According to the Jordanian newspaper, he asked many questions to the Jordan Boxing Federation and the Jordanian Olympic Committee, about whether the federation had carried out a comprehensive medical examination before the players left for Poland, and what are the medical protocols adopted in these posts?

Social media also reported a statement from a group of the boxing sport family, directing an urgent appeal to Prince Faisal bin Al-Hussein, head of the Jordanian Olympic Committee.

The owners of the statement called for the Olympic Committee to intervene in light of the death of boxer Soysat, and pointed out that the team participating in the World Championship in Poland is inexperienced, as they have not participated in tournaments, whether local or foreign, for a long time, in addition to their small age compared to the ages participating in the tournament.

The statement revealed that the boxer Soysat was sometimes – and according to his teammates’ admission – he complained of pain and headache during training, which prompted him to stop training and rest, and he complained to the coach that he was suffering from a constant headache, and this is a dangerous indicator for the boxing player, and it was necessary The trainer should request an EEG and show it to a specialist, according to the statement.

The statement concluded that boxer Rashid Sweissat was not among the team qualified to participate in the tournament, but rather that he and a number of players were given the option to pay the costs of accommodation and travel to the World Championship at his personal expense, the value of which was two thousand dinars (2,800 dollars), in addition to the absence of a doctor in the mission.

It is noteworthy that the International Boxing Federation said in a statement, “We are deeply saddened to learn of the news of the death of Rashid Sweissat from Jordan, who entered a hospital on April 16 after a match in the Youth Championship,” adding, “Our sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.”

In turn, the Jordan Olympic Committee offered condolences to the boxer’s family.


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