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With an announcement of less than four minutes, the Egyptian actress, Sherihan, took the lead on the “trend”, through various social media, and sparked controversy among viewers after her return to the screen this year, by presenting an advertisement to a mobile phone company in Egypt, with the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan.

Immediately after its presentation, the advertisement achieved high viewing rates, while the audience was divided into a category, which is the largest.

And they emphasized that the “Queen”, according to what they called her, despite the time, still enjoys a cheerful heroine and an overwhelming presence on the screen, as well as the agility and the ability to perform the show brilliantly despite everything she has gone through.

While others considered that Sherihan’s return was disappointing, and that it deserved a more dazzling return commensurate with her history in the show, noting that the ad’s melody, which lasted for almost four minutes, was boring.

In the advertisement, Sherihan reviewed part of the story of her life, and the challenges and pain she faced, most notably the car accident she was exposed to in May 1989, during her return from Alexandria, when she suffered double fractures in the pelvis and spine, which necessitated her undergoing nearly 30 operations Surgery to restore her ability to move, go back and present a human model of love of life and adherence to hope, a scene that sparked anew controversy about the nature of the accident she was exposed to, and the speculation associated with it.

And Sherihan had sent a message to her audience on the communication sites, before the announcement, in which she said: «Is the age in which is how many seconds and a minute and an hour or a month and a year to live with you and among you? I am living a sincere human moment, a moment of bowing thanks from my heart and my life to all of you, without arrangement or exception, a moment that I waited so long for a beautiful response in my neck from September 2002, my feelings are all confused but happy ».

She concluded her message: “On these noble days and this great month, I want to tell you that I am very grateful. You loved me, you respected me, you embraced me, your love and your prayers cured me and still you cure me. Your love is life, thanks and 100 million bows of thanks and a kiss on everyone’s forehead, starting from the youngest child of an Egyptian citizen to the last person in the world .. Thank you.

The star reviewed part of her life story, and the challenges she faced, most notably the 1989 accident … her double fractures and her undergoing 30 operations.

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