Sharjah Police launches an initiative to provide traffic services to inmates of the penal institution and their families – UAE – Accidents and cases


The Sharjah Police General Command launched a joint initiative with the Punitive and Correctional Corporation and the Traffic Services and Licensing Center with the aim of providing traffic services to the institution’s inmates and their families.

Brigadier General Shuhail said that the launch of this joint initiative comes within the framework of the leadership’s continuous endeavor to invest the latest technical means and take advantage of the available electronic capabilities in a way that contributes to providing modern services commensurate with the size of the challenges and the level of ambitions, while at the same time achieving the aspirations of members of the public and customers in line with the realization of the vision of Sharjah Police. In line with the strategic objective of the Ministry of Interior aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction with the services provided.

He added, “The initiative aims to simplify the customer’s procedures journey around the traffic transaction route in cooperation with the Traffic and Licensing Services Center by facilitating the provision of services to the guests, their families and the auditors in the institution in addition to providing an excellent service for this segment to complete their transactions in the shortest possible time, in addition to reducing the burden on traffic services and licensing centers.” “.

For his part, Lieutenant Colonel Khaled Al-Ke, affirmed the leadership’s keenness to provide all its services to members of the public and dealers with high efficiency in an optimal manner, to add this service to the rest of the various services it provides to its customers in order to facilitate the customer’s journey to obtain all the services of the Traffic and Licensing Center in the Punitive and Correctional Corporation, the most important of which is vehicle registration and finalizing the sale procedures Vehicle and payment of traffic fines, which are services in their entirety aimed at simplifying procedures during obtaining the service in a distinct manner that contributes to customer happiness and enhancing the quality of life.



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