Seville bid to host matches in Europe 2020


A source close to the decision-making told “Reuters” on Friday that the city of Seville will be a candidate to host matches in the European Football Championship 2020 instead of Bilbao after the latter is excluded.

The European Football Confederation (UEFA) did not confirm the candidacy of Seville to host and said that the final decision regarding the cities in which the matches will be held, which are 12 cities, will be announced after the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Union later on Friday.

On Wednesday, UEFA announced the exclusion of the Spanish city of Bilbao from the host cities of the Euro 2020 tournament.

The organizing committee in Bilbao said in a statement on Wednesday that UEFA had informed it that the four matches, including three matches for Spain in the group stage, against Poland, Sweden and Slovakia, will not be held at San Mames Stadium.

It has been officially announced that the cities of Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Baku, Saint Petersburg, Bucharest, Budapest, Glasgow, London and Rome will host the Euro 2020 competitions, scheduled for the period from June 11 to July 11, after they were postponed from last year due to the Corona pandemic.

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