Serious WhatsApp vulnerabilities discovered (here is the solution) in my country


CERT-In of India, the cybersecurity agency, has warned WhatsApp users WhatsApp About certain vulnerabilities discovered in the popular instant messaging app that may breach sensitive information.

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Breach sensitive WhatsApp information

A risk assessment advisory report issued by CERT-In, or the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, said the vulnerability was discovered in the software that containsWhatsApp and WhatsApp Business For Android before version and WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business for iOS before version 2.21.32.

V2.21.4.18 and v2.21.32 refer to the WhatsApp messenger Downloaded by users to use the platform on their computers or mobile devices.

CERT-In is the national technology arm to combat and guard against cyber attacks Cyberspace Indian.

The warning, issued on Saturday, said, “It has been reported Security loopholes Multiple applications in WhatsApp, which could allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code or access sensitive information on a target system. ”

Describing the risks in detail, he said that these vulnerabilities are present in WhatsApp applications due to a problem with configuring cache and checking for missing borders within the unpack pipeline Voice codingAnd, the successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code or access sensitive information on a target system.

How to overcome WhatsApp weaknesses

The warning added that app users should update the latest version of WhatsApp from a store Google Play أو iOS App Store To counter the threat of vulnerability.

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