Senior scholars urge to contribute to the charity campaign


The General Secretariat of the Council of Senior Scholars has recommended that everyone contribute to the national campaign for charitable work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the “Ihsan” platform, developed by the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence.The Secretariat said: This national campaign, which will continue throughout the blessed month of Ramadan, contributes to achieving a great purpose of the purposes of our true religion, which is to consolidate mercy among members of society as God Almighty says: “Have mercy among them.” Deeds, this indicates the firmness of the brotherhood of faith among Muslims, and in the authentic hadith about it, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: “You find Muslims in their affection and compassion as a single body if a member complains about it, and the whole body complains of it with vigilance and fever.”

She explained: This platform and other platforms, which are supervised by the official authorities, are a channel of communication between those in need and the needy, and it maintains zakat, alms and donations, in order to reach the beneficiaries, and it organizes relations between sectors, public, private and charitable. It also adapts technology to serve charitable work and raise its level of performance, and all of this is thanks to God Almighty, then with the interest of our leadership in charitable work, its development and preservation, and God Almighty ask to bless the efforts, and to succeed on those who spent and spent on good, as God Almighty said: And whatever you have spent of a thing, He succeeds it, and He is the best of the sustenance. ”


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