Security developments after the killing of the President of Chad


Successive security and political developments in Chad, since the announcement of state television, Tuesday, in a statement that President Idriss Deby was killed, and according to the statement, Déby was killed succumbing to his wounds during the fighting.
The Chadian army announced taking a set of measures in an attempt to control the situation, including dissolving the government and parliament, forming a transitional military council and closing the land borders, and the army also pledged to supervise fair and transparent presidential elections.

According to the leader of the rebel “Change and Reconciliation Front,” Mohamed Mahdi Ali, Idriss Deby joined the battles on Sunday, as fighting broke out in an area near Kanem province in western Chad.

The leader of the rebel front said that Déby was wounded in the fighting and was subsequently transported by military helicopter to the capital, N’Djamena, for treatment.

Chad has been living since a period of insecurity and instability. On the eleventh of last April, the day the presidential elections were scheduled to take place, the Front for Change and Reconciliation launched a major offensive, as violent clashes took place between the Front’s militants and the Chadian army forces, which resulted in deaths and injuries. From both sides.


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