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The most prominent secrets of the Lebanese newspapers published today, Thursday 04/08/2021

• Senior Russian sources said that the Russian leadership deals with Hezbollah according to a stature similar to the Soviet leadership’s treatment of Fatah in the 1970s as a leader of the Arab liberation movement and a vanguard of the global liberation movement despite the ideological differences.
• Jordanian media sources said that an official request will soon be issued to freeze accounts and shares in the name of Awadallah, the main suspect in the creation of Jordan.
• It was noted that the work of the vaccination registration platform recorded a significant decline in the period that followed the “guardianship” of the new Corona committee, noting that the malfunction that occurred on the platform and the delay in setting appointments for thousands is still unaddressed despite the talk about exceeding it since Monday.
• TV viewers were surprised to see a TV reporter presenting a copy of the Syrian oil exploration agreement to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who was pleased with it because he had asked the ministry’s departments for a copy that was not yet available.
• It is said that the positions of one of the political authorities for weeks are due to advice and information received from friends in western and eastern countries.
• It is noticed that large numbers of young people, especially university graduates, leave for some African countries after the horizon ahead of them at home and the difficulty of immigration to America, Australia and Canada.
The Republic
• A long-time diplomat says that the interests of Western countries are different in Lebanon, and we may witness unilateral sanctions against politicians according to the required file.
• Many of those who registered on the vaccination platform complain about the inability to book appointments to receive the vaccine, and the failure to answer calls on the hotline.
• A figure who plays an important role in terms of writing jokingly asked if Abu Abdo al-Suri had converted to French in his comment on summoning Lebanese personalities to France.
Major General
• According to identical diplomatic sources, the visit of a senior Arab official falls within the framework of supporting a political pole on a mission entrusted to him.
• The head of a loyal movement was surprised that he did not receive an invitation to visit a specific western capital, contrary to expectations he had established after a certain atmosphere reached it.
• Bankers assert that transfers worth billions of dollars were smuggled out during the general mobilization period by well-known banks!

Source: Newspapers


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