Scientists solve the mystery of “Mars spiders” that baffled them for years


Astronomers have finally solved the mystery of strange shapes that were spotted on Mars 20 years ago.
The strange shapes, which became known as “Mars spiders,” were spotted at the south pole of the red planet 20 years ago.
These shapes have puzzled scientists for many years, as they have not decided their identity, or the reason for their strange formation.
Finally, using a sheet of carbon dioxide ice, also known as dry ice, and a machine that simulates the atmosphere on Mars, scientists have succeeded in determining the nature of these shapes.
Scientists said in a study published in the scientific journal “Scientific Reports” that the gas pushed through the ice, formed “Mars spiders”, which is in the end a gas.
“This research provides the first set of experimental evidence for a surface process believed to change the polar scene on Mars,” the British newspaper “Daily Star” quoted the astronomer at the University of “Open” in England, the lead author of the study, Lauren McCune, as saying. “Experiments directly show that the spider shapes that we observe on Mars can be carved through the direct conversion of dry ice from solid to gas,” she added.


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