Schubert detonates a sad surprise for Al-Ahly fans: Musimane may leave next Tuesday


Sun, 25-04-2021
05:45 am
Ahmed Adel Shaban

Journalist Ahmed Schubert – presenter of “Ontime Stadium” – revealed the details of Musimani receiving an offer to train South Africa.He said on his program: Musimane received a call from the South African Sports Minister and asked him to train his country, but Musimani told him that he was happy at Al-Ahly and wanted to continue the experience.

He added: The Minister of Sports told him that there is a more senior official who will contact him to persuade him to leave Al-Ahly and train the national team on Tuesday.

He continued: This official may be able to convince Musimane, but so far the South African coach wants to stay at Al-Ahly.


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