Saudi victory defeats the Qatari dam (video)


Saudi victory defeats the Qatari dam (video)

The Saudi club Al-Nasr defeated Al-Sadd Al-Qatar (3-1) in the match that took place between them on Saturday evening, in the second round of the AFC Champions League group stage.

The victory trio was signed by the Moroccan players, Abd al-Razzaq Hamdallah, Abdul-Majid Muhammad al-Salih, and Khaled Issa al-Ghannam, in the minutes (37 from a penalty kick, 79, 90), respectively.

While the Spanish Santi Cazorla scored the goal of the orphan Al Sadd, at the 59th minute of the match, which was held at the “Azadi” stadium in India.

Al-Nasr Club achieved its first victories, and topped the Group D ranking with 4 points, ahead of its runner-up Foolad Khuzestan, who in turn defeated one goal over the Emirati unit, who ranked third with one point.

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While the Qatari Al-Sadd retreated to the fourth and last place in the ranking, with one point as well.

Source: RT


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