Saudi Prince: 3 players from Al-Nasr were subjected to the “demonization” campaign … and they appeared in the mosques every Friday.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Honorary member of Al-Nasr Club and former deputy president of the club, Prince Al-Waleed bin Bandar, said that some players of the “yellow” team had been subjected to a smear process on the part of some media outlets in order not to be an example to others.

The Saudi prince said in an interview on the “Koura” program with Turkish journalist Turki Al-Ajma, that the Nasraoui media did not save the Moroccan player Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah from the punishment he was subjected to, but rather did justice to him while the Hilal media was the one who condemned him unlawfully.

And the former vice president of Al-Nasr club continued, saying that the teams had 3 players that every Muslim was proud of and their pictures appeared in the mosques every Friday and every week they went to perform Umrah.

The Saudi prince intended both the Moroccan players, Hamdallah and Noureddine Imrabat, as well as the Nigerian Ahmed Moussa, and indicated that the three players were subjected to a “demonization” campaign because some did not like them being role models for the youth, he said.


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