Saudi News How does sunburn attack the eye in the spring?


Saudi News The German Association of Ophthalmologists has warned of the danger of exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays for a long time, even during the spring.

She stated that this may cause a sunburn to the eye, and the Association stated that the symptoms of sunburn appear in the eye several hours after exposure to sunlight, and its symptoms are severe eye pain, swelling of the conjunctiva, increased tear secretions, and decreased vision.

In some cases, exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays may lead to severe consequences, such as damage to the retina of the eye, and skin cancer surrounding the eyes may develop.

To avoid these serious consequences, the eyes should be protected by wearing sunglasses bearing the symbol “UV 400”, which means that harmful ultraviolet rays are filtered to the wavelength of 400 nm, thus preventing the rays from reaching the eyes.

The sunglasses should also include a thick arm to protect the eyes from the rays falling on them from the side, while a coloration class of 2 or 3 lenses suffices.

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